Suma Nour

Suma Nour


We can prevent SUICIDES!

My name is Suma Nour. I grew up in Lebanon into a family of 5 kids. While growing up, I always wanted to become a Cardiologist. Certain life circumstances stopped me from following that dream. In time, I put myself through school and graduated from North Eastern University with an associate degree in science and from Forsyth Dental Center as a Dental Hygienist.

Over the years while working with my patients, I came to realize I have a great deal of intuitive abilities, love, and compassion. I grew spiritually deeper, my intuitive side became stronger. As I became awakened and enlightened, I realized that I needed to work on healing myself from the pain and the resistance that kept me under the control of all the people that did me wrong. In order for me to learn to forgive, I had to learn to love myself enough to want to do it for me.

Finally I discovered my passion in life and that is to become an Empowerment Life Coach. After starting the studies toward my goal as a Life Coach at The Swat Institute, I came to realize my own ministry, gifts, and my purpose in life. Week by week, I became dedicated to empowering people from all walks of life and to have the things we all desire in our life; like a healthy body, an enjoyable career, healthy relationships, A happy family, and a happy spiritual life. I finally found my passion and became the “Cardiologist” I always wanted to be. I am committed to healing the hearts, honoring & loving ourselves, and connecting with our inner beings, so we can become the best and the happiest we can be.