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Step Beyond The Limits

1-The first thing we do is  change the way we think and put it into practice.

2-The most powerful awakening moment in our life is when we know in our heart that we have the power to change our life. There is a divine power in each one of us. It’s up to us to create […]

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The Stillness May Brings Us

May is about ” The Stillness” that brings in the answers we seek. Once we can enter the Silence and learn to listen to the ever-present messages from nature, the Spirit World,  other human’s viewpoints, the depth of our heart ; then we can access the Stillness and hear the little small still voice within […]

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Get In Morning Motion

Waking up very early in the morning has a very incredible feeling for me that sets the whole day into motion. Not everyone is an early riser but that doesn’t mean your morning can’t change for the better.

It’s so quiet and still dark outside when I take my dogs for a walk. The feeling of […]

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Just Let Go

It’s very difficult when you find yourself in a position where someone tells you just let go. I use to wonder how I can let go. I felt as a victim of my life and what was surrounding me. I was stuck with my energy and thoughts that I didn’t know how to move on. […]

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