When we are always trying to control our surroundings, we find that life gets way out of control, if we like it or not. Life is like a roller coaster, no matter how much you try to tighten your grip, it will still go up and down. You just have no control over the outcome. So why don’t you accept the fact that there is nothing you can control and just surrender to the outcome and enjoy the ride. You will find that you go through it with much less stress and anxiety.You will finally start to enjoy the ride and let go of fear.
It’s so easy to say it, as many of you will say. If you can start with accepting the fact that you are not in control, this will be the first key to unlock this door of fear and anxiety.
You will find awareness will start to form once you acknowledge this encounter. Awareness is like a light, once you open the door, it will start to creep in.
When you wake up in the morning, no matter what is your practice, if you walk, meditate, do yoga, or other practices, Take a bow to this life and start your day with saying.” I surrender for this day and what it brings.”
It’s all about courage. You can start the day with fear and anxiety or you can have the COURAGE to surrender to this great mystery.
When you realize that it’s not just you who are on a roller coaster, but, many others are in it with you. Some have a frown on their faces and others are laughing and screaming with joy.
So how do you want to go on this ride?
You can chose and allow this life to pass pleasantly with love instead of fear. We may take our last breath at this moment and disappear. Take a leap of faith and jump with conscious awareness and effort to how you want your life to be.