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When we are always trying to control our surroundings, we find that life gets way out of control, if we like it or not. Life is like a roller coaster, no matter how much you try to tighten your grip, it will still go up and down. You just have no control over the outcome. […]

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Harmonize your home

Your home is your oasis. You can make it the most inviting and comfortable place to come to. When it is organized and uncluttered, it brings us such a calming effect, serenity, and peace.Make it a creative change by using soft colors like blue, green, or violet, or very light pastel colors that can effect […]

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Don’t take it personally

When we interact with others, we have the choice to listen and interact but keep in mind their words express their character and the state they are in. You don’t need to take it personally.
Their words are only based on their own experiences and emotions. If you take them personally, you will get hurt for […]

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Spending time in nature

We spend so much time indoors, so busy with the busyness of life. A lot of what we need is to get connected to mother nature. We can find comfort sitting under the sky, walking alongside of the trees, listening to the running water, or just walking in an open plains. In nature, we remember […]

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Step Beyond The Limits

1-The first thing we do is  change the way we think and put it into practice.

2-The most powerful awakening moment in our life is when we know in our heart that we have the power to change our life. There is a divine power in each one of us. It’s up to us to create […]

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Live Your Life

You must live your life because life is full of stress. If we don’t practice to stay in balance, we will experience a lot of confusion and unhappiness in our life.

We are all overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out, and stretched way too thin with our to do list. It seems like we are always searching for […]

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The Stillness May Brings Us

May is about ” The Stillness” that brings in the answers we seek. Once we can enter the Silence and learn to listen to the ever-present messages from nature, the Spirit World,  other human’s viewpoints, the depth of our heart ; then we can access the Stillness and hear the little small still voice within […]

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15 Ways to Love Yourself

15 Ways to Love Yourself

Loving ourselves start with honoring our feelings. Stop and listen to that voice inside of you. Is it not a complete yes, then honor yourself and say no.
Do you feel the fear of making a move? Just know that you have the power inside of yourself to move mountains. […]

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Get In Morning Motion

Waking up very early in the morning has a very incredible feeling for me that sets the whole day into motion. Not everyone is an early riser but that doesn’t mean your morning can’t change for the better.

It’s so quiet and still dark outside when I take my dogs for a walk. The feeling of […]

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Moments Of Love

Let’s be honest with ourselves, there is no way that we can keep a balanced life with all the stressful events of daily life. I managed to get myself in the habit of daily meditation which keeps me peacefully grounded.

I am sure many of you feel the same. I am going to ask you to […]

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