We spend so much time indoors, so busy with the busyness of life. A lot of what we need is to get connected to mother nature. We can find comfort sitting under the sky, walking alongside of the trees, listening to the running water, or just walking in an open plains. In nature, we remember that human beings are ONLY one form of life on this planet.
Sometimes, if we can just take a moment, even if we are in the city, and pause as soon as we step out of the door to look at the sky or the little plant along the side of the building, or listen to a bird chirping allowing ourselves to get absorbed with our surroundings. The sights, smell, sounds, and sensations we experience in nature, it only reminds us of how precious life is and how blessed we are that mother nature offers us so many gifts, ONLY if we become aware of it.

We are as much a part of this universe as the trees, leaves, plants, animals, insects etc… This only reminds us that we are not alone but we are a part of the One.