1-The first thing we do is  change the way we think and put it into practice.

2-The most powerful awakening moment in our life is when we know in our heart that we have the power to change our life. There is a divine power in each one of us. It’s up to us to create a blissful relationship with that power.  Begin to trust that power and use it to create a life of freedom and happiness.

3- We go most of our life seeking solutions from the outside. The solution to happiness is in the quiet space deep inside. If we can just sit still for a moment and connect to the divine energy, we can find the answers

4-Everything that shows up in our life is not an accident. It showed up for a reason.Take the time to notice what is appearing on your path. Start with appreciating who you are. Appreciate your body, your face, your space, the animals that show up for you, the birds that surround you, and your health and emotions. Show gratitude in all what you have.

5-As you start to pay attention to the beauty that surround you, this feeling of gratitude will draw an inner feeling of strength and power that will help you recognize the divine beauty in every person. All of sudden, you start to view people differently.

6-Meditation and deep breathing bring peace and quietness into your life. You will find God inside of you. At that moment, you will find solutions for all your problems. God is found in the silence. Go ahead and sit quietly, go within, you will find peace that you never felt before.

7-Mistakes are lessons for you to transcend. Never criticize yourself for your mistakes. Mistakes are the only way to step up in life

8-Focus on finding happiness for others, it’s the only way you will find it for yourself.

9-Let go of hatred toward others. Once you learn to understand that we are all connected, you will release the resistance that hold you in bondage.What a beautiful feeling of love and freedom when we are at this point in our life.

10-Forgive yourself and release yourself from discrimination. This play a big part in loving yourself enough to let go.

11-Lighten your material load. Clean up your space and share with others. Let go of concepts that more is better. Free your space for the new to come.

12-Get in balance by connecting to the five elements of the universe.

-Walk bare feet on the ground, hug a tree, go for a walk, grow a garden, feel mother nature in anyway possible

-Connect to the fire element by building a bonfire, or lighting a candle.

-Take couple minutes to deep breath and follow the breath

-Drink enough water.

– Connect to ether with meditation and connection to your guides.

13-relax about the future and enjoy your day more. Repeat to yourself daily,” In my world, nothing goes wrong.”